Does Panda Express have maggots

Panda Express Caught with Maggots in Their Food!

Does Panda Express have maggots Food-borne illness can cause extreme discomfort and sickness in people, especially if it’s severe enough to require hospitalization. Unfortunately, the restaurant chain Panda Express has just been taken to court over their alleged use of contaminated food that caused one such case of food-borne illness.

In this article, you’ll find out why they are being sued as well as what you should do if you have recently eaten at Panda Express and experienced similar symptoms as the plaintiff who filed the lawsuit against them did!

A quick overview

One Reddit user recently took to their Explain Like I’m Five subreddit to describe that they had been to Panda Express and found maggots inside of their food. According to them, while they were eating a plate of chicken wings, they noticed several small black bugs in their meal.

They didn’t think much of it at first, but when they started picking off pieces of meat, tiny worms popped out. They immediately tossed their plate and asked for a refund. As it turns out, insects are typically classified as filth flies or larvae infestation. Yum? A better question might be: Does your stomach have worms? Hint: yes.

The next day, the same customer went back to get some more chicken wings from the restaurant. He thought he was just unlucky before. Wrong again. The second time around, he also spotted two live worms near his food — one on top of his drink and another on top of his chips — which is certainly not what you want to see when you’re expecting a quick snack on the go. When he alerted management about this, they insisted that these particular worms are not harmful to humans.

The facts

To keep your food sanitary, you’ll want to eat food that is kept at appropriate temperatures and not stored for too long of a period. Unfortunately, it appears Panda Express has been doing just that as recent reports indicate that maggots have been found in their stores. If you ate there recently and are wondering if your food contained maggots, we can help you out—the answer is probably yes.

According to a recent inspection by Atlanta health officials, some of Panda Express’ locations were found to be storing potentially hazardous foods without maintaining proper temperature control or preventing contamination. That’s gross enough, but the kicker was that some restaurants had fly eggs on the walls and ceiling (yuck).

The eggs meant flies could’ve landed on surfaces where food was being prepared or served. Maggots have also been reported in three different Panda Express locations in Dallas (again) during an investigation earlier this year.
The best way to avoid finding maggots when eating at Panda Express is to avoid eating there altogether.

Video evidence of the incident

It was reported that a woman was sitting eating her meal and when she saw something moving across her plate. After noticing that whatever it was seemed to be alive, she thought little of it. The woman then recorded what appeared to be several maggots wriggling around on her plate, showing them off for all to see.

video received over 2 million views and has been shared over 30 thousand times. Panda express needs to do more quality control inspection before they send out their food. It is gross seeing live worms crawling inside my food especially if i am paying for it. But as long as i get my discount i will continue to eat there even though im paying for live worms maybe maggot wannabe?

The aftermath

It’s never a good sign when you get home from a late night at work and can’t remember whether or not you checked your takeout food for maggots. But that’s what happened to one Kansas City man, who was reportedly bit after he had a meal from Panda Express.

What started out as an argument over food turned into a trip to urgent care, where doctors removed 21 maggots from his wound; they later identified them as being from Oriental or butterfly cabbage, according to local news station KCTV5.

Officials with Panda express released a statement to KCTV5: At Panda Express, we only serve quality food that is safe and prepared by hand in our restaurants. We have rigorous operating procedures to ensure the highest standards of food safety. We are looking into this matter further and take it very seriously.

Where things stand now

In 2009, a woman was dining at her local Panda Express when she decided to sample their shrimp lo mein. She claims that what she found inside one of her noodles wasn’t shell or plant fiber; instead, it was maggot. Shortly after posting pictures of her experience on Facebook and Yelp, Panda sued her for libel and extortion – but not before another man came forward to say he’d also found maggots crawling around his plate at a different location.

Whether or not these incidents are isolated instances is still up for debate; however, between these reports and some recent accusations of unsanitary kitchen practices, many have questioned whether you really know what you’re getting when you eat there. We’ve compiled our findings below.

Why did this happen?

Maggots in fast food chains are caused by two main reasons, according to experts.The first reason is employee hygiene and basic cleanliness. Even if there are no pests directly involved, inadequate hygiene can lead to other health issues. Furthermore, if employees handle money and food without washing their hands or neglecting proper kitchen sanitation procedures, they can unwittingly spread germs from one surface or item to another.

That’s where they problem begins – and what makes maggot-infested food so dangerous. Beyond being unsightly, maggots are actually a sign of infection in kitchens because flies seek out rotting foods when looking for a place to lay eggs; as such these bugs indicate that conditions are ripe for bacteria growth of any kind.

Recommendations for other restaurants

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