How do you make a mocha madness in tropical smoothie

A Mocha Madness in a Tropical Smoothie? Why Not!

How do you make a mocha madness in tropical smoothie If you’re a coffee lover like me, then you’ll love this amazing mocha madness in a tropical smoothie recipe that I tried recently! I found this amazing Mocha Madness drink at Tropical Smoothie Cafe and had to share the ingredients with you so you can try it out at home. It really tastes like heaven in a cup!

It makes two servings, but you can double or even triple it (like I did!). You won’t regret it, because you’ll be making this amazing drink over and over again! Enjoy!!

Start with the Basics

When making an alcoholic beverage, it’s best to start with basic ingredients: water, sugar and alcohol. For example, to make a mocha madness smoothie, begin by dissolving one tablespoon of sugar into four ounces of hot water. Once that is dissolved, remove from heat and add three tablespoons of instant coffee granules or crystals and then stir well until dissolved completely.

After that has cooled slightly, combine all three ingredients (sugar-water-coffee) with five cups of ice cubes and eight ounces of vodka. Give it all one final stir for a foamy topping and then pour into two glasses half filled with crushed ice. Serve immediately.

Step 1: Start with your favorite coffee

The foundation of your smoothie is your coffee, so you’ll want to select and brew a cup of delicious coffee. If you’re planning on making multiple smoothies, it’s worth investing in beans that work for either cold or hot drinks. If you’re planning on making just one drink, any finely ground coffee will do; how it tastes is all that matters.

Once you’ve decided on your coffee, make some fresh-brewed coffee and let it cool down to room temperature before putting it into your blender (or another smoothie maker). You may want to add sugar or sweetener at this point if you like sweetened drinks—it’s up to you. Start with 1/2 teaspoon per cup of coffee and taste as you go.

Step 2: Blend in a scoop of chocolate protein powder

This gives your smoothie an added kick of energy to help start your day, whether it’s to get you through morning runs or help power you through an early meeting. You can also add chocolate milk, which offers additional protein and calories while adding more umph to your smoothie.

For example, Califia Farms makes three different flavors: Vanilla Almond Milk made with organic almonds, Fair Trade CertifiedTM ingredients, and organic evaporated cane juice;

Toasted Coconut Almond Milk made with Fair Trade CertifiedTM ingredients and organic evaporated cane juice; and Fair Trade CertifiedTM Chocolate Almond Milk made with Fair Trade CertifiedTM ingredients and organic evaporated cane juice.

Step 3: Add some plain Greek yogurt

Yogurt is rich in calcium, which we need for stronger bones and teeth. The body needs about 800 milligrams of calcium every day. About half of that is, however, received by most people. If you’re not getting enough of that essential mineral, it can lead to osteoporosis and other conditions. That’s why adding some plain Greek yogurt to your tropical smoothie is so important!

In addition to adding a little calcium, it prevents future problems.Plus, it tastes great so you won’t even notice it’s there—until you have stronger bones and better dental health!

Step 4: Add bananas, ice and milk to taste

While bananas make for great smoothies, adding them too early into the mix can make it harder to blend. If you’re using frozen bananas, add these in with all your other smoothie ingredients and blend as directed.

If you’re using fresh bananas, use them as a topping when you’re done mixing up your mochamadness; they’ll add another hint of sweetness and help to balance out some of those stronger coffee flavors.

Step 5: Blend until super smooth

Make sure your blend is as smooth as possible. Drinks should be free of chunks of ice and fruit.If you’re using frozen fruits, make sure to let it sit on warm for at least two minutes.

This will thaw out your fruit slightly, so that when you blend, it doesn’t get stuck and give you a lumpy consistency. Your smoothie should flow from one end of your glass to another and be barely thick enough to stay on top of its own whipped cream layer.

Optionally add some whipped cream and cacao nibs on top

Any barista worth his salt will tell you that it’s best to brew espresso into hot milk, not cold. Also, remember that heating up milk and frothing it takes practice. Don’t be disappointed if your mocha madness doesn’t turn out as creamy and foamy as you like on your first try—keep at it until you get just how you like it. Making breakfast or afternoon tea fun for kids is easy with this recipe.

Make a batch of coffee-infused milk ahead of time, then whip it up with the blender when they come home from school or after school activities. Add some cocoa powder for a chocolate-y twist or vanilla extract for something sweeter and less caffeine-laden (just don’t use too much!)

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