How many calories in Panda Express 2 item combo

Panda Express 2-item combo: How many calories are in it?

How many calories in Panda Express 2 item combo Panda Express has established itself as one of the most popular Chinese takeout restaurants in the United States, and it’s easy to see why. Each Panda Express menu item tastes delicious and comes at an affordable price, but perhaps the best thing about this food joint is its portion sizes—the amount of food you get for your money makes this restaurant one of the best fast-food deals around!

But how many calories are in each Panda Express menu item? Let’s find out!

Getting started

Panda Express serves Chinese and American food at their fast-food restaurants.  With Panda Express, you can eat healthier and lose weight. However, even though Panda Express does not use trans fats or MSG, its menu is still full of unhealthy items; for example, over 70% of PandaExpress’ dishes contain at least some form of sugar.

And despite being known for having healthy options on their menu (many of which are praised by health experts), most items from PandaExpress still have plenty of hidden sugars that you wouldn’t expect to see. For example, take a look at Orange Chicken: it contains around 5 tsp of sugar!

Vegetable Broccoli Beef Combo

1,220 Calories. This is what’s included: 1 serving of vegetable fried rice (350 calories), 1 serving of steamed broccoli (90 calories), and 1 serving of Chinese egg rolls (280 calories).  Multiple items will increase your calorie count. For example, if you add another serving of fried rice to your meal, that adds an additional 270 calories to your total.

Also, a dessert or soda can be added. For example, a large orange chicken entree with white rice has 910 calories and 41 grams of fat while a Mongolian beef entree with brown rice has 1,050 calories and 43 grams of fat. Panda Express makes that clear when ordering!

Teriyaki Chicken Combo

480 Calories, 15g Fat (5g sat), 72g Carbs, 3g fiber, and 33g Protein. The Panda Express two-item combination is a great choice if you’re looking for low-calorie but high-volume meals. The Teriyaki Chicken and Rice Combo pack a whopping 33 grams of protein into its 480 calories.

That means you get more than a gram of protein per calorie! This meal contains lots of lean protein and complex carbs to help keep your metabolism humming throughout your day as well as provide steady energy to keep you going strong throughout your busy day.

Kung Pao Chicken Combo

845 Calories. I don’t recommend eating Panda Express (or any fast food), but if you’re going to, I’d make sure to choose a meal with a relatively low-calorie count. Losing weight is especially important. If you eat out often, try incorporating home-cooked meals into your weekly routine—it’s one of our 100 health tips!

And remember that at restaurants like Panda Express, dishes aren’t always what they seem on their nutrition info menu; ask about hidden ingredients and extra sauces before ordering if you’re trying to control calorie count.

Honey Walnut Shrimp Combo

720 calories. 60g fat (12g saturated, 1g trans fat), 630mg sodium, 46g carbs (6g fiber, 9g sugar), and 17g protein. Serves two. Contains 3 servings of vegetables and 4 servings of fruit. Contains 8% vitamin A, 10% calcium, 6% iron. Estimated glycemic load: 68.

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