Is Panda Express family deal a good deal

3 Reasons Why Panda Express’ Family Deal is the Best Deal

Is Panda Express family deal a good deal? Panda Express has introduced a family deal and it is the best deal they have ever done in their company’s history. The deal offers two bowls of Orange Chicken, two bowls of Beef & Broccoli, two orders of white rice, four Drinks, and 6 egg rolls for $19.99. This includes free shipping!

Panda Express is known for having good food so this deal sounds like it might be too good to be true but there are three reasons why I think this family deal might be the best deal ever offered at Panda Express. Let me explain why…

1) The quality of the food

The majority of people love going to Panda Express for their great quality food. The food always tastes amazing, there are a ton of choices, and it’s only $12. In a restaurant, what else could you ask for? The family deal here is hands down one of the best deals that you can get in any Chinese fast food place.

It consists of two main entrees (orange chicken, beef broccoli, chow mein) plus your choice of two side orders. And if you order online through their website then it includes free delivery as well!

Whether you’re looking for something to bring home after work or an easy dinner idea for a busy night when cooking seems like too much work, these three reasons make ordering from Panda an absolute no-brainer!

2) The price and portions

Panda Express is a low-cost, family-friendly restaurant that serves delicious food. Some may say that it’s not comparable to fast-food chains such as McDonald’s or KFC; however, when you take into account that their dishes have more meat and are all served on large plates (while maintaining decent prices), it makes Panda Express an unbeatable deal.

On top of that, they have an amazing assortment of sides such as fried rice and egg rolls. All of these side dishes can be purchased at a very cheap price, allowing your whole family to enjoy something different while eating out at one place.

3) The variety

Whether you get one entree or three, there are several things to be excited about. There is a wide variety of dishes to choose from. Even if your family doesn’t like something that everyone else wants to try, you can satisfy everyone with a little bit of everything. Second, there’s usually something for everyone in terms of flavor as well as spiciness and heat level.

Finally, it provides an opportunity to try new dishes or flavors that may not have been tried before because they cost too much at the regular prices. For example, some people might never order Orange Chicken because it’s so expensive on its own; however, when part of a meal deal, it becomes affordable. The pricing: In general, family deals offer more bang for your buck than single-item meals do.

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