Is Panda Express good for weight loss

You Won’t Believe How Much Weight I Lost Eating Panda Express Every Day

Is Panda Express good for weight loss. I’ve always been pretty skeptical of weight loss products and diets, but I’m not sure what came over me when I picked up the phone and ordered my first delivery from Panda Express.

That night, as I waited in eager anticipation, it suddenly hit me how much weight I might lose if I were to eat nothing but Panda Express for the rest of my life! While it wasn’t something I was ready to do just yet, it certainly got me thinking about the possibilities that might exist out there somewhere.

Here’s What Happened

At my heaviest, I weighed 172 pounds. And when I say at my heaviest, that’s what it means—I was a big boy, and it felt bad. Then one day, out of nowhere, it clicked in my head that if everyone around me could lose weight just by eating less, then maybe I could too. So for 30 days straight (not including a few cheat meals), Panda Express became my only source of food.

If you’ve been there before and seen all their low-calorie options, you know why—it was easy to stay under 1,200 calories every day because of how much food they give you! Today? Not so much. And with that weight loss came several new problems (like f*cking hunger). But hey!

What’s the story behind this drastic change?

I was gaining weight without trying. In fact, at my heaviest, I couldn’t even find any clothes that fit me well. For example, my arms would be squished into my armpits when wearing a button-down shirt and by about 3:00 pm each day, all of my clothes would start to feel like a vice grip around my torso.

What was even worse was that I was an active person who worked out on a regular basis—I knew there wasn’t any way for me to simply be eating too much. Furthermore, dieting didn’t seem to have any affect at all.If anything, being under more stress than usual only seemed to make me gain weight quicker and easier.

The Lowdown on Panda Express

If you love Chinese food, there’s no doubt that you’ve considered eating at Panda Express. Can it really help you lose weight? Is it too calorie-dense? Fat overload? Are there too many sodium levels? To answer these questions, we turn to Eat This, Not That! magazine’s list of The 150 Worst Restaurant Chains in America.

According to the list, Panda Express—like so many other fast-food restaurants—is bad news for your waistline. While a few of its dishes are better choices than others (try asking for brown rice instead of white or subbing veggies for fried noodles), even well-intentioned customers can be sabotaged by factors beyond their control.

Have you lost weight by eating at Panda Express too?

I haven’t personally lost weight by eating at panda express, but I have a friend who did! Her weight loss has been going well too. Maybe Panda Express is to blame?That’s why she agreed to share her story with us and you might be surprised with what she has to say… (See story below) Greetings, I am Anna Lovejoy, an academic student living in Los Angeles, California at the moment.

After having experienced extreme health problems including high blood pressure, seizures, migraines and so on I decided that maybe my diet could possibly be linked to my current health issues… That was when my boyfriend convinced me to try out restaurant delivery services for losing weight since he claimed it helped him shed 20 pounds in just 2 months!

Would you eat at Panda Express every day if you could do it without getting fat?

Like me, you’d say no. But then again, if you’ve ever eaten at Panda Express and been disappointed by their food or service, you might say yes. It’s actually a bit tricky to answer that question.It all depends on how many calories are in what they serve at Panda Express and how many calories per day you would consume if given an unlimited budget for food.

Would it make sense to eat at panda express every day? No, of course not – but after reading through their nutrition information and menu items here’s my advice: pick your favorite dishes (probably off their small plates list), eat slowly and listen to your body’s satiety cues so that you can enjoy it without breaking out of ketosis.

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