What are the most popular entrees at Panda Express

What are the most popular entrees at Panda Express What’s Cooking at Panda Express?

Panda Express is a fast-food chain serving Asian cuisines such as orange chicken, rice bowls, and egg rolls that you can order with the click of a button at one of its 1,400 locations in the United States.

One of the most popular menu items at Panda Express is its entrees, particularly its more Americanized versions of Chinese food like Orange Chicken and Beef and Broccoli. So how do these entrees stack up? Here’s how several of the restaurant’s top entrees rate based on their fat, saturated fat, sodium, and calorie content per serving.

10 Most Popular Dishes at Panda Express

1. Honey Walnut Shrimp. This entrée is a crowd favorite, with its mild flavor that’s enhanced by a delectable sauce with honey, walnuts, and broccoli. The shrimp on their own taste pretty bland, but combined with all these other flavors it creates an irresistible dish that you can’t stop eating. 2.

Beef and Broccoli is another crowd favorite that tastes great when mixed together in one bowl – or even on top of rice! They also come out to be very flavorful if you mix them together – especially if you have some sesame seeds sprinkled on top! 3.

Orange Chicken

One of their most popular entrees is orange chicken, which actually originated in China. The dish became popular in the United States after a chef who worked for Panda Express brought it with him when he left to open his own restaurant.

The dish quickly rose to fame, becoming one of Panda’s top ten favorite items that it offers customers. It also proved to be quite popular outside of Chinese restaurants, and soon began popping up on menus all over America.

It’s easy to see why—the dish combines crispy chicken with flavorful orange sauce served over brown rice and a few crunchy vegetables on top.

Beef and Broccoli

The perennial Chinese favorite is a classic for a reason. The dish is one of many on Panda’s extensive menu of authentic cuisine, though it’s a bit more Americanized than other offerings. Beef and broccoli include thin strips of steak stir-fried with broccoli florets and served over steamed rice.

There are few better comfort foods out there, and you could never accuse Panda of not giving customers value: One order clocks in at only 380 calories—perfect if you want to take in some calories but save your stomach for something else later in the day.

Beijing Beef

If you’re a fan of Asian cooking and like a big, juicy piece of beef that’s been cooked in a hot and savory sauce, then you should give Beijing Beef from Panda Express a try. The restaurant chain really knows how to fry up some tasty hunks of beef.

But if you’re expecting classic Chinese food when you order Beijing Beef, think again. Instead, it’s a bit more of an Americanized version of Chinese food with chunks of juicy beef smothered in brown gravy. If that’s your idea of good Asian cuisine then go ahead and dig in—you won’t be disappointed!

Chow Mein

The PandaExpress chow mein is packed with hearty veggies and high-quality protein. The best part of ordering chow mein is that it comes in a massive bowl, enough to fill up your plate and leave you feeling full without overloading on calories.

If you are looking for an option to satisfy your cravings while keeping calorie intake down, check out our number one choice: Chow Mein (steamed). This dish has only 360 calories per serving! This dish includes healthy vegetables like broccoli, carrots, cabbage, and celery.

It also includes lean chicken breast meat and savory noodles. The combination of these ingredients makes for a tasty meal that will help keep you satisfied until your next meal time!

For those who are watching their carb intake, be sure to order steamed instead of fried chow mein; steaming helps keep carbs low while still delivering delicious flavor.

Black Pepper Chicken

This is Panda Express’ most popular entree and for good reason. It’s made with thick cuts of chicken and is served with broccoli, carrots, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, celery, and onions in a savory black pepper sauce. Make sure to ask for brown rice.

(Weight Watchers points: 8) 5 from 1 vote Print Black Pepper Chicken Ingredients 2 cups cooked brown rice. You can cook it yourself or use leftover rice if you have some on hand. I love using my pressure cooker for quick and easy cooking!

4 large chicken breasts 1 cup of your favorite stir fry vegetables (optional). I like to use chopped carrots, broccoli florets, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, baby corn, and bean sprouts but you can really add any veggies that you like!

Kung Pao Chicken]

The Kung Pao Chicken Combo (as well as all four combos) is one of Panda’s most popular entrees. It comes with either steamed or fried rice, a side dish, and a drink.

The chicken has a crispy texture, with big chunks of vegetables and peanuts scattered throughout; it is seasoned with soy sauce and sesame oil that bring out its salty flavors.

A generous amount of red chili pepper flakes give each bite an exciting kick. This entree is made for those who love spicy food. However, if you prefer something milder, I recommend ordering it without any hot peppers.

Although spicy food may not be for everyone, it definitely won’t disappoint you if you are looking for some heat in your meal!

Fried Rice

According to Business Insider, fried rice is one of the most popular entrees on both menus, with three-quarters of diners choosing it as a main course. One order contains a whopping 1,300 calories and 48 grams of fat.

If you choose fried rice for your meal and then add an egg roll (410 calories), a spring roll (200 calories), and shrimp fried rice (260 calories), you could eat yourself an extra 1,690 calories in just one meal—that’s over 50% more than you should eat in an entire day.

Want to avoid some serious food regret? Skip all these extras and stick with basic white or brown rice! It’s a much healthier way to get in those grains your body needs.

Egg Drop Soup

It’s not on their menu, but nearly every Panda Express restaurant offers egg drop soup. Don’t let its name fool you—this dish is more Chinese than it is Japanese, and it pairs perfectly with every entree on its menu.

It can be a great way to cool down between bites if you’re feeling your meal is too hot or spicy, and it provides just enough protein and fiber to keep you full for hours.

This ubiquitous dish can cost less than $2 and adds about 50 calories per serving. Add some tofu for extra protein to help fill up your belly without adding too many calories or carbs to your diet.

Sweet Fire Chicken

Everyone loves hot sauce, so it should come as no surprise that one of our most popular entrees has a fiery name. The Sweet Fire Chicken combines sautéed white meat chicken with bell peppers and onions in a fire-roasted sweet chili sauce and then tops it off with red pepper flakes, jalapeños, scallions, and diced tomatoes for a dish that’s spicy but not overpowering.

You can order either 3- or 4-piece servings of Sweet Fire Chicken. We recommend ordering a side of chow mein noodles to bulk up your meal even more—or to eat separately if you like spicy dishes!

Moo Goo Gai Pan

The Moo Goo Gai Pan is a traditional Chinese dish with chicken, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, and water chestnuts in a light sauce. It’s flavorful without being too rich or spicy, making it popular with kids and adults alike.

The vegetables are also cooked just right; they retain their bright colors without getting mushy or falling apart. The Chicken Entree is stir-fried with steamed rice while adding your choice of beef ($0.99), shrimp ($1.29), or vegetables (10 cents) will give you an extra boost of protein!

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