What is the $20 family meal at Panda Express

You Won’t Believe What’s Included in the $8 Family Meal at Panda Express!

What is the $20 family meal at Panda Express If you’ve ever gone out to eat with a group of people and found that the bill was more than you expected, you’re not alone? Restaurant meals can be surprisingly expensive, especially when you add in appetizers, drinks, desserts, and tips!

If you want to save money while eating out (and who doesn’t?), then here’s how to order the cheapest food at Panda Express to feed your whole family. You won’t believe how cheap it is!

1) A typical Panda Express order

Fried rice, 4 entrée-sized chicken fingers, 1 egg roll, and a can of soda. It costs about $20 to feed four people. For only eight bucks each, you get plenty of food to last your family throughout an entire week. This isn’t just one of my favorite deals, it’s also a smart way to buy groceries on a budget.

Here are five tips for maximizing your savings with these family meals: (1) make sure to bring cash; (2) purchase drinks separately; (3) order online ahead of time if possible; (4) ask for an extra bag and/or box; and finally, 5) freeze any leftovers immediately so you can have a quick meal later on in the week if needed.

2) Best meals from around the world

Good food is universal. Each culture has its own take on what constitutes a good meal, and those who travel to experience new cultures often come back with stories of mouthwatering local cuisine. But does every good meal need to include an epic journey? Of course not.

There are plenty of excellent (and inexpensive) meals that can be had no matter where you live, or even how much time you have on your hands. By staying close to home and choosing budget-friendly options from well-known restaurants, it’s possible to enjoy quick, filling meals made with top-quality ingredients—and there’s no need for a passport required! Here are a few favorite options

3) American health standards, not international

The healthfulness of food courts and fast-food restaurants is often criticized. But here’s what you should know: These places can be just as healthy as home cooking. The key is making healthier decisions when you’re there.

Even if you do end up buying from McDonald’s, opt for one of their salads—they have more veggies than those served at most other fast-food chains. If it’s Chinese food you want, go to P.F.

4) Heart attacks on a plate

The family meal—that dish that feeds a family of four, but only costs you (roughly) $8—is still on offer at Panda Express, and it doesn’t disappoint. Protein, veggies, carbohydrates, and a treat for dessert are all there for a complete and satisfying dinner.

However, it may not be all that healthy; depending on what your family likes to eat, you could easily exceed your recommended daily allowance of sodium and saturated fat while filling up on enough carbs to feed an army.

The good news is that most of those calories are coming from complex carbohydrates like whole grains; if you go easy on meat and add some extra veggies instead (for example), you can limit your calorie intake without compromising quality or taste.

5) Panda Express isn’t real Chinese food

When people hear that I work for a restaurant called Panda Express, their first question is usually: Isn’t that Chinese food? And though it might sound like a run-of-the-mill Chinese restaurant, it actually isn’t. When we think of Americanized Chinese food, one of two images comes to mind: dumplings and soup or noodles and rice.

It is a little-known fact in the United States that neither of these dishes is normally served as entrees with meals in China. In fact, they aren’t even considered foods. Dumplings are referred to as pot stickers, and rice porridge is just that—porridge. It’s not a meal—it’s something you eat when you aren’t hungry anymore but still want something warm on your stomach before bedtime.

6) The bad news about real Chinese restaurants]

Chinese food has become synonymous with American fast food — and not just because of how quickly it can be delivered. You know what I’m talking about: greasy egg rolls, fatty orange chicken, and (probably) MSG. For many Americans, that is what Chinese food tastes like, smells like, and looks like — but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Skip out on these health hazards next time you get a hankering for something light and delicious by ordering off of your local Chinese restaurant’s healthy options menu instead. It might seem weird at first but most places are used to people ordering from their healthy menus and will make you something totally delicious without all those unnecessary calories.

7) An ordinary bowl of rice has half as many calories as an order of Chicken Fried Rice

345 calories vs. 680 calories. And it has four times less fat. The next time you’re looking for a cheap, filling meal, reach for a bowl of rice rather than fried rice or chow mein. It’ll be healthier for you, and it won’t kill your diet.

Plus, you can always add a protein like chicken to turn it into an even more satisfying dish. One thing that doesn’t change: Panda Express is still overpriced for what you get.

8) Avoid fried chicken entirely

I can’t lie, I love fried chicken. It is hard to beat eating crispy, juicy chicken. But that love comes with a price; fried chicken is one of America’s unhealthiest foods.

A large serving of fried chicken, as little as one drumstick and thigh, can set you back more than 1,200 calories and two days’ worth of artery-clogging saturated fat. If your goal is to lose weight, it’s time to banish anything that tastes like fast food from your life for good. No more fried foods for you!

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