What kind of meat does LongHorn use

What kind of meat does LongHorn use?LongHorn’s beef is not what you think it is

It can be easy to assume that LongHorn Steakhouse serves steak, but it turns out that the chain uses a type of beef that most people don’t even know exists. If you go to any LongHorn location and ask about the meat, you’ll likely get some curious stares in return.

But if you look at the back of your menu, you’ll notice that no specific type of beef is mentioned or referenced there. Now you might start wondering if your LongHorn steak even comes from cattle at all!  LongHorn uses what type of meat?

We only use 100% pure USDA Choice or higher

The USDA has developed a grading system to describe how the meat will be cut and how much fat marbling can be expected. The more marbling, typically, the more tender and flavorful your steak will be. So, yes. LongHorn’s 100% pure USDA Choice or higher steaks are superior to other restaurants that claim to use top round (bottom choice) or leaner cuts of beef like ribeye (USDA Select).

When we say 100% pure USDA Choice grade or higher, we mean exactly that – no lesser grades of meat like Top Round or select cuts like Ribeye, just high-quality cuts from all four primal cuts that you know and love including Strip Steak, Sirloin Steak, and our boneless New York Strip Steak dinner option.

There’s no magic in our flavor, just deliciousness

We’re big fans of secrets, but there’s one thing we can’t stand: fake ingredients. It’s just not in our DNA. We want to be completely honest with our guests so they can know that when they bite into a juicy steak at LongHorn, they’re tasting pure meat—not any additives or filler ingredients that could harm their health and waistline.

Do you mind telling me what kind of meat LongHorn uses if anyone ever asks? you can tell them it tastes like 100% pure Angus beef—no antibiotics or hormones added. Because that delicious flavor has nothing to hide! In fact, we believe it actually gives us an edge over other steakhouses.

This is how our steak spends a day…

We know you’re curious about where your favorite steak came from, and that’s why we want to share with you how our steaks are raised. Here at LongHorn Steakhouse®, we pride ourselves on serving up Certified Angus Beef® (CAB) – quality, great-tasting steak – but CAB doesn’t happen without good people and practices.

So here’s a little behind-the-scenes look at our ranching program to make sure everyone knows that when they order Certified Angus Beef® (CAB), they are ordering a product grown by experts using sustainable agriculture methods. We hope that seeing how we work makes enjoying our meats even more satisfying for you!

 What are some ways to tell whether it’s really juicy?

A bead on your steak is a good indication. A bead of juice forms on top of a cooked steak when its juices begin to escape. If you don’t see any beads, chances are there aren’t enough juices in your meat. To make sure that doesn’t happen, tell your server that you want a fork-test done.

The process takes about 2 minutes—but if done correctly (and executed by a server who knows how), will ensure that your next steak is as juicy as can be. When testing for juiciness, use one hand to hold up an empty plate and stick a fork in an uncooked piece of meat with your other hand. If moisture comes out on both sides, congratulations!

Is there anything special about how we cook our steaks?

There are no secrets about how we cook our steaks. That’s because, at least for us, there aren’t any special tricks to making a delicious steak. We want our customers to know that when they come in for a steak, they can be sure it will be cooked exactly as ordered and served hot off of our charbroiler or grill.

Our steaks are fresh-cut every morning to ensure consistent quality throughout each and every day; since we don’t use commercial broilers or freezers like many other restaurants do, we guarantee your steak will be as good today as it was yesterday – even if you didn’t buy it yesterday!

Is there a reason we keep coming back?

When we look at a menu, we have only a general idea of what meat goes into our favorite dish. And if we’re honest with ourselves, many of us probably don’t care much about specifics. But if you did know? You might find that knowing more about your food doesn’t just make you feel good—it makes your food taste better.

Here are some reasons why that matters: 1) Knowing more about how food gets to your plate helps build trust in restaurants. This should sound familiar because trust is something that social media influencers consistently say they want from brands and advertisers.

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