What’s the best steak to eat at LongHorn

The best steak to order at LongHorn, according to our experts

What’s the best steak to eat at LongHorn LongHorn Steakhouse’s menu is full of delicious grilled steaks, but with so many options, it can be hard to know which one to order—especially if you’re bringing out-of-town guests or if you’re just looking to treat yourself without breaking the bank.

We will look after you no matter what. Based on our steak expertise (and our own preferences), we’ve singled out six of the best steak cuts at LongHorn, and we’ve included some fun facts about each one below.

Filet Mignon

We’re all about tenderloin here at LongHorn. Our filet mignon is expertly prepared over a wood-burning fire, using only USDA Prime beef that’s aged and hand-selected by master butchers. It takes us roughly four hours to prepare a single steak—and believe us when we say it’s worth every minute.

In fact, if you ever want to know just how good your cut is coming out of our kitchen—just ask your server for a peek into one of our open kitchens! If we can’t showcase it for you in person, ask for photos of what makes each cut so special!

We’ve even got video from behind-the-scenes so you can watch some famous steaks being prepared on social media.

Top Sirloin

Traditionally, the top sirloin is cut just behind the cow’s hip. It’s also one of the steakhouses’ most popular menu items because it’s got everything you could want: good marbling, tenderness, and flavor. It goes great with mashed potatoes or pasta.

And since it tends to have a looser grain than other cuts (i.e., it comes apart easier), think of it as a long-term relationship kind of guy—something you can sit back and relax with over time. Don’t like what you ordered on your first date?

That’s OK; chances are you’ll get along better after some time together anyway! You’re well suited for each other! You’d make beautiful beef babies!


It’s tender and juicy with a rich, buttery flavor. Grilled medium rare, served with roasted garlic and steamed asparagus. It also goes great with mashed potatoes or garlic mashed potatoes – if you’re feeling extra indulgent!

To keep your meal healthy, ask for corn on the cob instead of fries. (Or better yet…skip ‘em altogether!) For dessert: We recommend trying a slice of New York-style cheesecake topped with strawberries or blueberries!

Flat Iron Steak

Considered a throwback cut of meat and given an unjustified bad rap in years past, flat iron steaks are making a comeback as chefs bring it back into their kitchens. Its name comes from its boneless form that resembles an old-fashioned flat iron used for pressing clothes.

The flat iron is easy to cook—it has less connective tissue than other cuts such as rib-eye or strip steak—and thus is more tender and flavorful when cooked medium-rare. Give it a try at home with these simple steps:

Rub steaks with olive oil and crushed garlic cloves; season with salt and pepper; place on a hot cast-iron grill pan; cook 4 minutes on each side (medium-rare); let rest 5 minutes before slicing.

New York Strip Steak

The filet is far superior in every way to any other cut on a salmon. It is meaty and delicious without being over-salted or overpowered by sauce or spice. (And it’s good for you!) Order it with a side of grilled vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes.

All you need to decide is whether to grill or blacken your salmon-both are tasty options! The extra step of blackening is fun because they bring out an iron skillet and char your fish with live fire, but we recommend sticking with grilled if you want it done quickly!

Cowboy Cut Ribeye

This is one of our favorite dishes on LongHorn’s menu. There’s a lot going on here: with jumbo shrimp and coconut-ginger marinade that works so well together. You also get blackened Cajun spices, a signature blend for many of LongHorn’s recipes.

Coconut Shrimp goes great with Mac & Cheese or Potatoes Au Gratin! You’ll want to make sure you don’t miss out on either of these side dishes—both are full-bodied and flavorful in their own right.

But if you want something lighter and less filling, try steamed broccoli or asparagus! These two sides are very healthy and complement any meal well.

Wagyu Tomahawk Chop

Weighing in at two pounds, The Tomahawk Chop is a serious cut of meat. But more than its impressive size—this bone-in chop features a 24-ounce strip and 12-ounce ribeye—the Wagyu Tomahawk is for those who demand taste with their beef.

Premium Wagyu’s decadent marbling means it delivers bolder flavor than typical steaks and it’s considered one of the top steaks in America by Food & Wine magazine.

The USDA describes Wagyu as marbled with intramuscular fat that melts during cooking and bastes the meat as it cooks. What does that mean? Tenderness and flavor you won’t find anywhere else.

Salmon (Filet Only)

Salmon is a tender, lean fish that’s packed with vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids—an excellent way to fill out your dinner while limiting saturated fat. Even better: When you use cutlery instead of your hands (the fancy term for cutlery is a fork), your meal doesn’t count as finger food.

The result? You’ll consume fewer calories overall. Plus, eating salmon with a fork will show everyone in the room just how refined you are—bonus points for being confident enough to brag about it!

Coconut Shrimp

If you’re looking for something unique but familiar, coconut shrimp is a great choice. The dish is served on a bed of garlic rice with creamy mango sauce and zesty pico de gallo. Coconut shrimp offer a sweet taste without being too overpowering and comes at a very reasonable price ($14.99).

Paired with one of LongHorn’s eight signature steak sauces, you’ll be sure to have yourself an enjoyable meal no matter what day of the week it is.

Whether you go on Tuesday (the restaurant’s Trivia Night) or Saturday (Steak & amp; amp; amp; Strip Night), your dining experience will definitely be memorable!

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